Blade&Change - International Youth Professional Bladers Еxchange

Blade&Change -  International Youth Professional Bladers Еxchange


The Blade & Change project will bring together young bladers (roller-skaters and skaters), volunteers or people aged 18-35 from all over the world in Varna to promote roller skating and skating both for foreigners in Bulgaria and for Bulgarians abroad. Farside Association, together with its partner organizations, will organize a one-week seminar with participants from all over the world in Hale3, Varna, who wish to present their skills and ideas for organizing sporting events on the territory of Varna.


The Blade & Change project offers a one-week seminar to 20 participants - bladers (roller coasters and skaters), volunteers or people aged 18-35 from all over the world, with the aim of promoting roller skating and skating for foreigners in Bulgaria, As well as for the Bulgarians in Europe. Rollercoaching is a modern sport for every age and the main idea of ​​a one-week seminar is to give young sports enthusiasts the opportunity to exchange experiences in organizing various sporting events such as competitions, festivals, camps and tours. Within the first 5 days of the seminar, topics such as a complete organization of events (from idea to realization), funding opportunities and sponsorship methods from around the world and others will be discussed, including active activities such as practicing yoga and Meditation, healthy eating and cooking, practicing roller skating and participating in the roller skating school in Varna as an instructor. One of the days will be the sightseeing of Varna and the surrounding area in order to popularize our area as an exclusive destination for sports and recreation. In the last 2 days of the workshop will be held a roller coaster competition in Halle3.


The goals of Blade & Change are - Varna to be promoted as an attractive destination for international sporting events like competitions, camps, tours and festivals - to bring together young people from across Europe with the aim of exchanging experience in organizing international events - to move international participants to Bulgarian competitions and to send Bulgarian talents to participate in events abroad - to move international sponsors to Bulgaria

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